Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can I have more time??

Where does the time go??
It seems so long since I have been on here! How fun!! Well, we have been pretty busy! My mom came down here in the beginning of this month. She helped out a lot!! She painted our bathroom downstairs and helped out with pulling things together in Koko's room! I am so thankful for her! She helped out so much! This trip was actually just to help me out!! Thanks for coming mom!

I am the room mom for Koko's class. It is so much fun, a lot of work but fun! I help out in the class once a week. Sometimes I do crafts with the kids and sometimes just do filing for Mrs. Bradshaw. If I don't do the filing, Koko does it!! I have been busy planning and getting items for her class valentine's day party . It was a lot of fun!! We decorated sugar cookies, ate goodies and played a fun game.
On the 14th Lou broke her ankle! The ER dr put her in on crutches and a little walking cast/boot. On Tuesday they put a bright pink cast on! She missed the last step on the stairs in our house. The Orthopedic said she probably landed on the side of her foot, OUCH!!!! She is doing good now. Oh and the Ortho dr said it was ridiculous to have a child, a tall five year old child, on crutches! So those are out of the picture! She will have the cast on for 3 weeks then a walking cast on for another three! Lou says it is all better now and she should get the hard cast off!

Here I am busy sewing some stuff for the new room!

The room is almost finished!! I only have a few more things to put up. There is a cork board that is going at the head of her bed and a few framed pics!! Koko is so excited! She LOVES it!

Our little Bay decided it was time to be a big girl! This is her potty sticker page! Each time she pees on the potty she gets a sticker. If she poops she gets two. She has done a great job! She will usually just go with out telling anyone. In public she tells us that she has to go! We made it the whole day today in panties!! When we use to ask her if she is a baby or a big girl she would say BABY! Now she says she is a big girl!!

We have been to several doctors with Bay. The ENT referred us to an allergist and set up a Cat Scan of her sinuses. He says that she will need surgery. The xray showed that her sinuses were completely filled with something. We need to find out what! We will have a clearer picture of what is going on after the CT. She has chronic ear and sinus infections! She has been on several different antibiotics continually since December! They have to sedate her for the CT, so please say a little prayer for her. It is scheduled for Wed. I will keep you all updated!

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