Friday, August 22, 2008

Camping in Colorado

This is me and my cousin Lesley and her daughter Elle.

Roastin some yummy marshmallows. The best part of camping!!!
This is Lesley's son, Jacob, and Koko.
It was so cold that night!! It rained and hailed and snowed!! Burrrrrrrrrrr!
Here is a very small part of our family. Far right, My grandma Sally, my dad, me, Michael and Bay, J.T. a cousin and his granddaughter Maddy, Koko, Elle, Lesley, Jacob, my bro Jason, my mom Jill and Lou! Lesley's husband Steve and JT's wife Sue were taking the pics.
This is only part of the pics! I have not gotten copies from my mom yet. We had such a great time! The girls loved it! All of us caught fish, even Bay!!! She was so cute rilling in the line. Koko will even touch the fish! Other than being frozen, it was a great time!It was so much fun to spend time with our family! No TV, no phone, no computer, no blow dryer, no shower. . . a lot of time to spend together!
On Saturday we went over to Montrose. We were visiting my dear aunt Pat who is in the hospital and Lou tripped, fell and hit her head on the leg of the chair. She split her head open!! So we went downstairs to the ER and got her stapled up!! I will get a pics posted. It is kinda cool. They don't bother her or hurt anymore.
Anyone who reads this, please pray for our Aunt Pat. She has cancer and the treatments are not working. We all hope and pray she will be comfortable and feel our love. She is a wonderful person and has had such a good attitude through this journey. I admire her strength and courage!

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