Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WOW! Great deals!

K so I am so excited!!!
What do you think the total cost would be for the following?????
4 6 packs Ozarka water
5 bags of Nestle morsels
2 boxes of Puffs tissue
2 packages of Cascade action packs
1 26 load of Tide w/ bleach
1 box hot coco mix
1 bag frosted mini wheat's
1 gallon of milk
1 20 oz coke zero
2 bottles of cream of tartar
1 oregano leaves
6 packs of gravy mix
2 12 pack of root beer
1 24 pack of dt dr pepper
10 cups of dannon yogurt
1 doz eggs
2 4packs of fresh croissants
4 boxes of Croissant hot pockets
2 Loreal mascara
1 Loreal eyeshadow
4 bottles of Pantene shampoo
2 boxes of popcorn
2 Caramello
1 Almond Joy
2 double newspapers
(The receipt is 4 YES FOUR feet long!!!)
So what do you think the total is???????
. . . . . . . . . .
guess. . .
. . .
I saved a total of $97.95!!!!!!!

Well the total was $77.72

The total would have been $175.67!!!! That's a lot of money saved! I saved more than I spent!
Shout out to Ruth Garrett!!!! Check out http://groceriesdirtcheap.com/ ! This is how I save so much! Thanks Ruth! ! !

I have not made the time to coupon shop the past couple of months. This makes up for all of the missed deals! I am not one of those coupon shoppers that buys anything just because it was on sale. The only time I do this is when the items are free. Take the six packages of gravy mix for example. I have never made gravy! I don't know who to make gravy. I know Michael has but I thought he made it with juices from meat????? Who knows! Anyway, if anyone needs gravy mix, come on over! !
These are items I buy all the time, even the brand name items!!!! I am just so excited I can hardly stand it!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hawaii 2009 Re-Cap -- Better Late Than Never!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

So Embarrassing

So I had the most embarrassing thing happen today! We were at gymnastics. Bay had to potty and I asked Koko to take her. They came running back through the gym. Bay was standing in the middle of the mat behind the vault (which was in front of ALL THE PARENTS). Bay pulls her pants down. Not just the cute leggings she had on, but the Tinkerbell panties as well! I am trying to help her pull them back up, stand up, and RUN out of the gym! I could hear all the giggles on my way out! I asked her what the heck she was doing and she said, "Koko no do it, I do it." She has been on this independent kick. If someone does it first and she wanted to, she will undo then do! She will shut a door just to open it again, silliness! Obviously Koko had pulled up those Tinks and she wanted to do it all by herself.

A Wonderful Birthday!

The day started with the early morning birthday calls. Yes mom, you were the first. :)I talked with my dear husband who informed me that I had a card and something edible on his desk. He also informed me that he was sorry he was not here and he would make it up to me on Friday!Then enjoyed a great workout. Talked/TXT with friends. Had a few hours to myself! Goodlife took me to Olive Garden and we filled up on a bunch of bread sticks, salad, yummy 5 cheese ziti and of course cake!! When the girls got home from school they were quickly kidnapped! They returned demanding I closed my eyes. They ran upstairs and returned several minutes with a bag full of wrapped items! I unwrapped four candles, a pink picture frame, butterfly necklace and earring set, as Almond Joy candy bar, package of scrapbook paper, and a little can of Pepsi lip balm. It was awesome! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful, selfless and cute elf as a friend. THANK YOU!
I will go to bed with a smile! Who couldn't smile with all the love and support form her friends and family?? I am one lucky girl!

Happy Halloween!

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