Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Barn Cake

I found this post as a draft... This is the cute cake I made for Bay's birthday(in May!!)

Just Dance

This game is so much fun! The girls are really good!

My garden!

For many years I have wanted to make/build a box garden. Well, with inspiration from Goodlife, I did it! I even made the box! The girls LOVE this! I am happy because they will be watering it EVERY day this HOT summer! Who knew how exciting growing a garden would be?? This picture was taken on April 10th. I switched some plants around. I also have three tomato plants on our front porch along with Cilantro. April 27

The little extra box is red onions. The far right four squares has two types of tomatoes. The next two are cucumbers and the far left front is watermelon (I am not sure this plant will survive??) and behind that yellow onions.

May 11

My poor little watermelon is still not doing so great but isn't dead!

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