Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Koko's Baptism!

Yeah Koko!! We are so proud of her! So the first thing she said was, "I'm mmm mm soo o o o colddd dd d!" then she said, "I'm so glad I did it!" BTW it was so cold there!I was freezing with a coat!
Ok so I have one very mad 2 year old. . . gotta go.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bay's sinus surgery

Today Bay had sinus surgery! We hope this will be the end to her chronic sinus and ear infections!
She is doing great! Everything went well! The doctor said she had to do a little more drilling than she anticipated. There was not that much bleeding. She woke up very quickly! No major problems! She had to have a little oxygen but I think that is fairly common. She is now watching Snow Buddies, her favorite movie! We can't wait for Space Buddies to come out on DVD!
We are so thankful for the outcome today!

Happy 8th Birthday Koko!

Eight years old! Yeah Koko!
I can't tell you how proud of her we are! Koko is such a smart, beautiful, helpful girl! We are lucky to have her in our family!!
On Saturday she has chosen to be baptized!! You are all welcome to come! She is so excited!
Daddy and I love you so much Koko!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mom to the rescue!

My mom is going to come rescue me this weekend! I feel so loved! I can actually say, for the first time, she is coming to see me not just the girls! They happen not to agree with me! They had pretty good deals on air fair and I needed it!
THANK YOU MOM! Can't wait til tonight! Knowing that you will be here soon has really kept me afloat this week, along with some GREAT friends!
I am one lucky girl!

Cutie Pie!

Bay was talking to her grandma Jill and Papa Tim. We had taken off the band aid, I bet it hurt! There was a lot of hair on the band aid from her hairline!
She is just so cute! Oh and she was enjoying a cookie as well!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No question who gets mother of the year award!

There is no question that I will receive the mother of the year award!
So Bay and I were so exited that we were going to run to Albertson's together, just the two of us. She was so excited that she ran down the slanted driveway, tripped and hit her head on the edge of the van door. She hit hard then screamed and laid face first on the cement. I scooped her up and there was blood EVERYWHERE! When I pick her up what does she do? She plants her head into my neck! She wouldn't let me look but I could feel the blood! I ran into the house and told, maybe screamed for Michael. After our medical history, I totally panicked! Michael ran downstairs and went into action trying to see how bad it really was. It was pretty bad! We knew we had to take her in to some sort of urgent care. Michael is getting his shoes on and I tell the girls to go to a neighbors house. They were totally freaked out because I was totally freaked out and there was blood all over Bay and myself! I made sure they made it to the neighbors and off we went. It happened to be rush hour! We decided to go to a near urgent care instead of the Cook's children's hospital. There was only one other patient in the building and a doctor was in the front office when we came in! It freaked us, maybe just me, out when he hesitated when we asked if he could take care of her. Meaning we might have to go to the ER anyway for a head injury! After looking at her he was confident she would be alright after a few stitches. The staff was great there! I was nervous about not going to a peds. place but they were great!
It was way too cute, they were stitching her up and she started yelling pee pee. I told her to wait one second and she could go on the potty. She said tay! It melted the nurses hearts! I told her that if she went potty it was ok. (She was sitting on Michael's lap!!!!)
Four stitches later and a huge band aid with an additional Aerial band aid we are all fixed up! The cut is on her forehead above her right eye. She had a red mark on her check and her eye is already swollen! The actual cut is about 3/4 on an inch long.
As if I have not had my fill of doctors! At least this one was nice! He wants to see her on Thursday for a checkup then in 5 days to take out the stitches. I guess it isn't so much as seeing the doctors as it is the time! I wonder how many hours I have spent in a doctors office just since Jan. first? Hum. . . At least these many experiences I have had really help me know what I do and DO NOT want in a doctor!
My brother suggested not taking Lou and Bay out in public together! Thanks for the support Jason! I can't wait til you have kids! By the way, for those of you who do not know my little bro, he was totally joking, sort of!!!!!
Anyway, you can post your vote for me for the award on a comment!

Recipe Book NOT Pile!!

Thanks to some great advice from a dear friend, my recipes are a little more organized! We have been talking about organization, or the lack of in my home! She suggested starting with something easy and quick like putting recipes in binder. Isn't it beautiful!

Thanks Good Life for the great advice! You are awesome!

Monday, March 2, 2009


So little Bay and I went to another ENT today, Dr. Fewins. She is going to have to have sinus surgery! Our regular ENT, Dr. Burkett can't perform the type of surgery she needs. His neck gives him trouble, he is getting a little older but we still love and respect him! So he sent us to this young lad. This guy is really young! He looks really young too! He is like Dougie Hauser! It is actually the doctor who did Michael's sinus surgery about a year and a half ago. Michael thought he was a little arrogant but good. Well today he asked me a couple of questions about Bay then said that it was absurd to do this type of sinus surgery on a two year old child. I fought back the tears at this point. Then the nurse interrupted and said he had a call. He came back after about five minutes or so. Seemed like forever! He did apologize then again said that he would never do this surgery on Bay! I couldn't fight the tears any longer. He said to remember that Bay is probably in a lot of pain. He asked if I have ever had a sinus infection. I said sniff sniff, I have one right now!! I know she feels like crap that's why I am here! A million thoughts were going through my head! I asked him what the next step was then! He said we needed to go to an allergist. Well we went to him, Dr. Roberts, about two weeks ago. He wanted for us to use this nose spray and come back in a couple of months, the meds take that long to work!! The allergist wanted also to see what the ENT said after the Cat Scan. After I told him that he kinda just sat there. He did look in her ears and said that the tubes needed to be replaced, they were blocked and not functioning properly. Dr. Burkett also said that needed to be done! He asked why he hadn't done this. Well he wanted Bay to only have one surgery, the tubes along with sinuses! Not do back to back surgeries! He said oh yeah. Then he wrote the name of his children's ENT on a piece of paper with his sloppy doctor handwriting! No phone number or address just the name. He did tell me that it would be a long drive! So I am thinking Plano or something??
Dr. Burkett's office is in the same building so I went there when done. Gabby, his wonderful nurse Bay loves was there. I knew Burkett was on Vacation. She calmed me down! She thought that I should see him on Thursday when he returns. She thinks he might replace the tubes and do a sinus rinse. This would buy her some time for the allergist to work his magic. She will probably have to have shots for a while!
So my problem was not what Dr. Fewins said it was how he said it! Different doctors have different limits! I respect that! Just don't be a BUTT about it!

Spicy Peanut Chicken Pasta

So I have had a copy of this recipe for some time. I got it out of a book from the teen section in the Saginaw Library. The cookbook was called "Clueless in the Kitchen". It was a good thing Bay went tearing through the teen section or I would have never found this wonderful book. It is perfect for one like me who is well clueless in the kitchen!! lol! Hey Nikko or Good Life, I didn't even have to call either one of you two while preparing this dish! Yeah me, I cooked out of a teen cookbook! It has been a little bit of a long day for me today. (I will vent about that in a sec.!) The recipe sounds so good. It smelled very good also. Too bad it didn't taste as good! Most of the time I would have been so disappointed. Not today though! I actually cooked and had fun doing it! I think that this might have been one of the more advanced recipes if you ask me!! Asian food isn't my favorite anyway, unless it is Honey Seared CHICKEN form Pei Wei. I created something tonight that looked and smelled really good! I also had FUN while doing it! In case you were wondering, the girls didn't like it either! Koko ate most of it! I must admit that it tasted a lot better the warmer it was! I think it would have been a little bit better if it would have been spicier?!

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