Monday, December 7, 2009

An elf named Joy!

You guys are NEVER going to believe what happened after school today!!!!! Mommy was on the computer and the girls were putting away backpacks. All of the sudden the doorbell rings. When we opened the door there was a little elf and an envelope on the porch!!! There were no cars around and no one was at the door, just her!!!!!!!
We quickly opened the letter. It said that her name was Joy and she was sent by Santa himself to our house! She is watching all of us and will report her findings to Santa! The note said we could talk to her and leave notes with her. She will get them all to Santa. She does not like loud or angry voices. She is happy to be assigned to our house. She knows we love each other and how excited we are to celebrate Christmas.
Also, she knows we will celebrate with the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts because that is our gift to Him on his Birthday!
Joy is not allowed to talk or move while we are awake. She can only use Santa's magic in the middle of the night.
WOW!! This is so exciting!
An actual live Elf in our house!!!!! I sure hope she will be able to report that we have been nice NOT naughty!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lou 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lou Lou! I am so grateful for your loving, fun personality!! Thank you for your light you shine in my life!!

These pics are from her party on Saturday. We came up with the idea of making Graham cracker houses. I gave each girl their own bowl of candy a huge amount of thick yummy frosting, a plastic knife and some crackers. It was a little hard for their little hands. Half way through I decided to just have them decorate the crackers like cookies. They LOVED it!
Marcia--this one is for you! =)
I couldn't decide if I should have cake also. The decision was very easy seeing the piles of sugar!!! So I put a candle on top of Mount Peppermint!

Lou opened her presents and then we played a couple of games. Last was Disney Singit. It was so cute!

Random December stuff

Our YW went caroling with the Highland Station Ward the same day it snowed for the first time! Burr Freezy. BUT is was awesome!!! It was so much fun! Imagine 30ish beautiful young women singing to you!!

This is kinda funny. . . I took this picture on the 4th! Awesome!

Who needs a baby to pester??? Bay has Suki!
Poor dogie, she takes it like a champ.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let it Snow!

It's snowing!!!!!
Since that last time we had a snow day, Koko was so disappointed she had to go this morning! Only in TX!!
Bay really didn't like it! She ran back into the house and cuddled up with a blankie on the couch.

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