Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Lou Lou!

Lou lost her second ever tooth on the first day of kindergarten!!!!! It's a good thing her top two teeth are not loose yet!!!
Koko's orthodontist has commented on how much room Lou has in her mouth as apposed to how little room Koko has! (we have started the beginning stages of braces with Koko! They put spacers on the inside of her lower bite!!)

First Day of School!!

Look at our beautiful daughters!!! They are growing up. . . so fast! Koko is heading to third grade with Ms. Moreno. Lou is starting kindergarten with Ms. Moore! They both have had a great first two days of school! What will the two most stubborn members of this house do together all day????????
While we were walking back to the van Monday, Bay looked up and said, where we go mama???
I explained to her what was going on, she just replied with, huh!
It was so cute, today when leaving the gym she said, "No Woo Woo!" I actually think she thought we had left her at the gym! I asked her where Lou Lou was and then she remembered she wasn't really with us and was at school!
I love all three of my beautiful daughters! I love how different they are! I know I am blessed to have them in my life!


If any of you have an ounce of love for your dear Bay, DO NOT GIVE HER ANYMORE MAKEUP!
I am so sick of the gooooooooo. But she does look pretty cute. . .


While in Sterling, we went to this cute little stocked pond. The girls love to fish as do I. I just hate touching the fish! lol . . . I am getting braver and I hope to take the girls fishing here very soon. (I hesitate because there are a lot of catfish here and I will not touch that kinda fish!!) We were getting ready to do because we were not getting any bites. Koko was messing around with her pole, which still had a hook on it, and caught a fish! It totally surprised her! Who would have thought that after spending a whole 15 minutes "fishing" with bait on our hooks she would catch one without bait?? I think it was a sunfish and I think they are a little spike. She had a little help, from Grandpa Tim, taking that little guy off but she did it!
By the way, the definition of fishing in my book is casting out a couple of times, act a little patient, then when nothing is quickly caught, go home!! The girls and I are on the same page when it comes to "fishing"!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Logan County Fair

If you have ever lived in a small town you might actually feel the excitement of these pictures! I have great memories of the Logan County Fair/parade and this time of year! When I was in middle school and in high school, my Grandma Sally and grandad use to take my brother and I to Fort Collins to shop for school clothes! This time of year meant that gymnastics was starting, well I guess it never really did stop, but the high school season started up! Practice, school, work repeat a million times!! I thought I was busy and had it so bad back then! I think gymnastics practice could be compared to getting three children, GIRLS, up, fed, lunches packed, groomed, pictures taken and to school which took 15 minuets today just to get there then another 3 to walk to the front doors! Yes it was a mess and the road is still under construction! Get Lou to her class then drag Bay upstairs to Koko's class. Then I had to make my way back downstairs through the people traffic and back home! Then go back to the school later in the afternoon and do it all over again, in reverse order!

Anyway back to the fair. . .

My dad owns a tractor repair and dealer shop, AGteck. My mom has really wanted him to put some tractors in the parade for many years now, great advertising! All it took was having his three girls be on a tractor in the parade!! They weren't actually on a tractor but on a hummmmm big powerful golf cart/4wheeler! They had a blast!

Here is a little explanation of this pretty picture! They have this ride called The Ring of Fire. I almost can't even say it let alone type it! Basically it is a gigantic ring that you go around and around in then back wards around and around. We walk up to The Ring of Fire and Lou says she wants to go on it. Koko was a little more apprehensive. It usually is the other way around. So I jumped all over the chance to get Lou on that ring!! It was pretty fun and she loved it. I get out and get my bearings and Koko really wants to go. See, we went in the afternoon and there was no line. That meant she wanted to go NOW. I asked her if I could have a minute (I actually could have used 20). She was sooooo upset and just had to go right then. Off we went on the ring. She also loved it. By the time I got off that stupid ring I was sooo sick/dizzy/woozy.
We needed to go home for a little while and told the girls one more ride. They wanted to go on the tilt a whirl. Bay couldn't ride without an adult, so guess who had to go??? ME. I think the picture totally explains enough. By the way it took a good hour and a half to feel "normal" again. Oh and the Ring of Fire was the only ride Bay really wanted to go on. She screamed when we told her she couldn't do it! We even walked her up to the line an the nice carney told her she wasn't tall enough! I know she would have loved it!! If only she were a little taller. She LOVED the other rides!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Thanks for the great pictures Grandma!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


She had a great time, but I am so happy she is home!
Her return home was a little bitter sweet.
She is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the fact that she is NOT an only child!! This is a trip she will remember for the rest of her life! Thank you Pete and Gail for this wonderful time you have spent with her!

Lou pulled out her first tooth!

This little bunny tooth, as she describes, has been hanging on my a thread for the last week or so! I really can't believe it stayed in this long. The girls were dancing and she got bonked! I asked her to show me. It was bleeding pretty good. She reached in and pulled it right out!
She is so cute! I love her so much!!! I just can't help but giggle when she is around! She is exactly what I need!

Bow Studio!

This was my official bow making studio! It was so much fun. I wish I would have had more time or made more time!

It seemed like I made a lot more bows than this!!

It was nice to actually clean up after I was done! Koko did need a bed to sleep in! That was a huge motivator.

Lou's photos!

The girls LOVE to take pictures! It is neat to look at things from their perspective! I was trying hard to hide. It didn't work!

Yes I am a dork!

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