Monday, July 21, 2008

Our 2 Year Old Dare Devil!!!!

Pause Music below to play video!

Bay Bay is our little toddler dare devil. As you can see from this video...she has no fear. She would jump non-stop into the pool all day long if she could. Not only does she LOVE jumping into the pool but she is constantly climbing onto things and falling...we won't talk about that part of it!! She constantly moves chairs, stools, buckets, dishwasher door, and toys to where she wants to climb. The piano, counter, table, stair ledge (yea, scary thought), beds, and tops of couches have all been conquered by our little mountain climber. We await her conquest of the top of the fridge, roof of the house, and Mt. Everest shortly!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OK so I have to vent! Bay has been acting like such, such, such a TODDLER! She likes to scream when she doesn't get what she wants. Well today at Wal-Mart she didn't want to sit in the cart, she would much rather run all over the store tearing everything off the nice neat shelves. Well I didn't give in. So she screamed, and screamed. . . So this RUDE lady was talking to herself, very loudly cuz I heard her over the screaming, saying she wished that baby would shut up! I was thinking the same thing! After several minutes she started complaining to shoppers. OK so this really pissed me off. So I put on my BIGGEST smile and looked straight at her and asked what she would suggest! Surprisingly she didn't have anything to say! She shook her head and gave me a really nasty look, while I just smiled!
To make matters worse, I hate the LW store. Prices are HIGHER! Milk was .79 more! They didn't have any generic buns. . .
Then I get home and realized that I didn't have my bananas! So the water works started! I really wanted to scream! I probably should have! Now I am venting to my blog. It feels pretty good. My favorite person in the world to vent to isn't home! Darn it!
I think Bay really understands she pushed me past my limits! She is playing with Suki then running over to give me a hug! I have gotten three so far!! And I think this is the longest she has went without screaming! NICE!
Michael will be home soon and maybe I can run away for a little before my mom gets here!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cute Blog

Thanks Marci for making our blog so cute!! It looks great!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hope this is how you do this! I do feel special thanks Too Many!

Whats his name? Michael Kimball

How long have you been together? 9 years in May

How long did you date? 4 months

How old is he?31 almost 32 he he he

Who eats more?he does

Who said I love you first? probably me

Who is taller? um. . . do I really need to answer that

Who sings better? HIM!! But he never does in front of people!! It is a talent of his! He gets his great voice from his mother!

Who is smarter? I think it is a tie but I think he thinks he is!! And it is confusing comments like this that make him think this way!

Who does he laundry?me

Who pays the bills?me but he knows whats going on ever since the cash budget idea! It is nice to work together on this.
Actually the computer does, all of the bills are set up for auto payment!

Who sleeps on the right side?me

Who mows the lawn?me, I enjoy it!

Who cooks dinner?me sometimes!! He is a great cook! Much better than I am. The past year or so I have been working on this. I think I have gotten better. I enjoy it more than before!

Who drives? Him, He has never been pulled over, knock on wood quick! As for me well. . .

Who is more stubborn? ME

Who kissed who first? He did He knew I was waiting!

Who proposed?He did. It was cool. In a park we use to roller blade in. Neither one of our parents were very happy about this! Now they are though! We were not very nice to his mom. We faxed her a picture of my left hand and a huge GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! Sorry Gail!

Who has more friends? ME Michael isn't much of a social butterfly!!

Who is more sensitive? ME

Who has more sibling? Michael-He has two little sisters, one older brother and two younger brothers! I just have one little brother.

Who wears the pants? I do. Well, he lets me think I do anyway!!
I am so thankful for Michael. He puts up with a lot! He loves me through thick and thin! He is such a great dad. He plays with the girls, takes them golfing, watches movies with them. . . I am so lucky to have him as my husband! Thanks for loving me so much Michael! I am thankful we made the decision to be sealed together for all time and eternity!!

OK so I have to tag someone. Marci E. and Nikko

Saturday, July 5, 2008


There is a water park close to our house. We met up with Maranda and her kids. It was so much fun!! The girls had a blast! There was a big slide and I really never saw Koko!! She loved it! Bay and Lou had a great time also!

The morning of the 4th we went to a park and had our church breakfast and bike/scooter/tricycle parade. It was really fun! Don't ask Michael about it though, he wouldn't know! He was still in bed when we got home!! Well it was good for him to sleep in!! I guess! It was a lot of fun having it at the park. There was a playground and bounce house. So much fun before 9:30 a.m.!!!

Later in the day we had Good Life and her family over for a little BBQ. We fit a little Rock Band in then it was off to the fireworks!

Girls, girls, girls!


We are so lucky to have such great friends!! It makes it a lot easier and fun since we don't have family close. Koko thinks that they should be part of our family!! I think so too! They pretty much are!! R is like a sister to me! I am so thankful for their family!!

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