Monday, June 9, 2008

Michael's Thoughts

Let me sum up the phrase that most directly symbolizes my daily life. Funny thing about it is that it can be summed up with one simple comic strip.
I cannot tell you how many times I have actually answered this question. Amusingly, people will come up to me and say..."May I ask you a question?"...and without hesitation I will answer them "6-11". The first few seconds are classic as they look dumbfounded that I answered their question before they even asked it!! Then they walk away, mouth wide open.
TALL Thoughts
  • Some must think that tall people are born without a brain. Since I am on 2-5 airplanes a week, a common phrase is shouted my way as I get on and off the plane..."WATCH YOUR HEAD!!!" Duh, like I actually enjoy the PAIN of hitting my head! The same is true about walking out of buildings. At times I feel like the invisible "WATCH YOUR HEAD" Fairy is following me Shouting..."WATCH YOUR HEAD!"
  • When I order fast food, my meal automatically gets Super Sized because I am tall.
  • I get asked..."How Tall Are You?"...while standing at the urinal!! (Yes, believe happens quite frequently)
  • "Little People" can apply for disabilities so why not Tall People? The world is not made for us either!
  • Tall people have loads of $money$. That is why we are charged $50 more for clothing that is only an inch to 2 inches longer.
  • I have been compared to every ones tall son, daughter, grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, cousin, friend, acquaintance, aunt, uncle, dad, mom..........
  • I am asked randomly to TOUCH THE CEILING!
  • I am asked about my shoe size, pant length, shirt size, waist size, hand size, bed size, car size, house size, sock size, etc., like I live in Never Never Land.
  • People swear at me for being tall! Examples (Holy _____ you are tall!) (How _____ tall are you?) (_____ you're tall!)
  • People come up to me and say...."You must hate being tall!" Mostly by short people.
  • Everyone is short to me!
  • I don't need to be reminded that I am tall. Yes, I actually woke up this morning remembering that I am 6-11. But in case I forget, everyone is there to remind me that "You're Tall!!!!!!!"
  • People will actually walk up to our table in a restaurant and interrupt our eating to ask..."How tall are you?" In which Ko Ko will answer...."My dad is 6-11!!!! DUH!!!"
  • People get offended when I ask them..."How Short are you?"...before I answer their question.
  • Most people can't figure out how tall 5 foot 23 inches is off the top of their head!
  • I have had people follow me for 45 minutes to get up the nerve to ask me the Beloved question along with people taking pictures of me in Wal-Mart! Watch out if Angela is with me!!!!!
  • My picture is on a Gas Station wall in Chicago. I am currently known as the tallest person to enter this particular gas station.
  • I will be followed in a Grocery store and asked if I could get something off of the top shelf!
  • My sister is 7 foot 2 inches tall!!!! Ha should see the look on people's faces when I tell them that!!!!!

As you can see...I could go on about this forever.


Marci & Matt said...

I will take my 5 feet 5 1/2 inches any day! I had to laugh at all the things you listed!! I was just telling one of my friends the other day how crazy it is to go in public with you... EVERYONE stares! Just tell the short people to go work for the circus! (you know I got that from dad)
Still working on your slideshow, I have no idea why the pictures are so small.

Holly said...

i must admit I was sitting here for awhile trying to figure out the 5 ft. 23 in. thing...very funny I love it

marcia said...

HAAHAHa sorry I ever asked but that post was hilarious-- I am so glad people don't ask me 'exactly how much do you weigh?'

Megan H. said...

Oh wow! The many ways I can relate to this post! I agree with so much of it! Glad to hear that all is well.

Marcus said...

Freakin' Hilarious - I read your post to a couple ppl in my office - they loved it.
P.S. That's a tall post :)

Vindra said...

6ft11 = 5ft23in. I love that!!! I'm 6ft8 here and know exactly what you are talking about! Have you checked out the tall guys forums around the web? Seems all of us are exposed to these actions mostly everywhere we go.

Next time anyone I am asked I am going to be 5ft20. I pretty sure they would be offended; that I am playing 'smart' though. Oh well...

Nice post! Kudos!

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