Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Great Friend & Zoo Fun

Today a dear friend, TXMommy, so generously offered to take Lou and Bay to the zoo so that I could work. At first I thought she might be nuts for offering to take two extra children especially a very strong willed 2 yr old!!. I realized that she is just a great friend!!! It meant so much to me that she would offer to do this! She is so patient, easy going, loving, generous, beautiful, especially her eyes!, wise and a wonderful example to us all!! I am so blessed to have a friend like her!

The girls had a great time! I asked Lou is there were any pictures taken and she said no! So when I got the email with pictures attached from Too Many I was so excited! Kathy and her two cuties also went. I hope they had as much fun as these three! I really wanted to go, but sometimes work comes before play!! Plus, I really enjoy my job!

This is Lou's friend Lu, TXMommy youngest!! They are only about 1.5 years apart!! Our Lou is getting VERY tall!! So cute if I must say so myself!! These two spend a lot of time together in our babysitting coop. They are getting to be pretty good buddies!
They look so happy!
Thank you so much Too Many for taking my children with you!
Here are three more pics Kathy sent to me! Thanks Kathy!!


I have a good life said...

How fun! TXMommy is so great to do that for you and for the girls! What a blessing.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

What fun nothing like a good friend

txmommy said...

you are too nice, I was really happy to do it. It made it a special and fun day for Lu :)You're girls are easy peasy to watch and so fun.

I forgot to tell you that Baylee LOVED the birds. After she fed them she chased them around with her stick and then dropped the stick and caught them with her bare hands! I couldn't believe it. The first one she caught, in flight, made me scream, i couldn't believe she got it and I was afraid she would squish it. She didn't though; she was gentle. It was crazy. She's got some reflexes!!

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Friends make everything better.

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