Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here We Are Together, Together, Together

Our family is back together!! It is so exciting! It is so nice for all of us to be home!! Here are several pics of our time in Utah!
We celebrated my birthday at the Cheesecake Factory! Uncle Mitch, 23, on the left and Uncle Mark, 28, on the right. They are both super cute and available!! Just leave a comment if you are interested!! I will pass on your info!! LOL!
The girls and Aunt Marci! Oh P.S. she is about 4.5 months pregnant!!! Yes she is one of those! They are expecting a GIRL!
Uncle Mark dresses up like and gorilla. Gail took the older kids and I out to "look at the stars" he tried to scare us by running, like and ape, up to us! Lou was so freaked out! It was pretty funny!

Aunt Marie(Arrrrr Pirate), Jaden(Superman), Lou (Super Girl), Bay (Wonder Woman) & Tanner (Batman). In Marci's neighborhood in St. George, they were handing out full sized candy bars!!

Yes I put this picture in just for Michael, like father like son!!

It was so cold!! We got some pretty good pictures though!

You can see it a little, but the whole underneath part of Bay's top lip was purple! She jumped off of a bench thinking she could fly. Much to her surprise, she landed on her face. OUCH!
One night we made pizza. It was a lot of fun.
I am so glad Gail got this picture! I love to see these two having fun TOGETHER!
Craft time with Gaga Gail and Papa Pete.

Cousins!! Jaden, 5, and Tanner, 3, belong to Michael's youngest sister, Marci and her hubby Matt.
We all had so much fun. It was really hard for Michael to leave his family in Heber City! Especially his bro Mark! He loves all of his family so much, as do I! I think we are both at a point in our lives when we really want and need to be closer to family! If we lived in the SLC area we would be a lot closer to my family too!! Seven hours as apposed to fourteen! We will see what happens??!! It would be SOOOOO hard for me to leave this ward. Since Michael is gone so much, the ward has been my family! They love us and take good care of us!
MOM--don't freak out thinking we are going to move next week!! I think it would take a while for everything to fall into place.
We don't feel it is time just yet!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh wow, I was going to comment about this sweet post is and how much I love the picture on the bridge of you too from behind and then slam I read the last bit and was shocked and saddened but I also see the wisdom there too

Jay said...

I could just feel all the fun you and your cute family had by just looking at the pictures. Family is so important. I know just how you feel,wanting to be closer to family. Selfishly, I am glad it isn't time yet. We would MISS you all SO much!

nikko said...

I love love love all these pictures, especially the one of you and Michael from behind on the bridge.

I, too, understand what you mean about being near family. That is one of my big regrets in my life so far -- living so far away from my family and from DH's family. Our kids have such a different relationship with their grandparents than I had with mine.

Grandma A said...

I love the pictures. What a cute family you are! Your fam would be soooooooo happy to have you nearby. Miss you.
Love n' hugs.

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