Thursday, January 8, 2009

Being a DORK!

When I went back and read my post, I was thinking that sometimes maybe I should just NOT! I must say I thought for a second about what Sandra thought about me! I love to laugh and smile! In the past, I have focused on the negative. It is NOT fun! I love being a dork! It is fun. I am happy with that part of me!

The world is so serious why not laugh a little? I could have just told Sandra that I like salad. But then I wouldn't have been able to make myself laugh! I was hoping to make her laugh too, or at least smile! Plus, my focus is on the positive of that event, not that I waited in line for about 10 min or that the lady in front of me had a basket full of stuff in the 20 items or less line! I even had to stop and think a minute to remember what wasn't as pleasant as it could have been!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

I'll be dorky anytime:)

Katy said...

I loved your story. I laughed outloud.

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