Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Why in the heck do I have such a hard time simply going to bed? I didn't sleep well at all last night. Bay woke up all through the night screaming for daddy!! He is on a trip! :( I was ready for bed around 7:30!! Why didn't I just go to bed? I just had to watch House I had DVR-ed from Monday. Yeah I used my recordificator!! I LOVE those Dish commercials. Anyway, then I had to make some bows for the girls! Well I wanted to look online for new ideas. I did make a pair of bows! AND found cute ideas but I am frustrated about being cold and sleepy! So then I had had to vent to you! It would have taken to long to call fam and friends so I thought I would hit you all at once with a one time story!
I forgot how lonely it is when Michael is gone! He had been home for almost 2 months! We all miss him so much! I think Suki even misses him!! He left on Tuesday and comes home tomorrow. Not a long trip, but it still sucks! My point to this was that Michael was not home to vent to!!
Ok well, do you think I have ADD?? Am I normal? LOL!! Don't answer mom! I get one idea in my head and then it snowballs to this! I know, maybe it is the lack of sleep causing this?!?!?!
Done venting. . . goodnight!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

we both need to go to sleep

txmommy said...

when I have trouble going to be it's not because I am not's because I finally have two minutes without someone needing me and I don't want to waste it unconcious.

your bows have been turning out really cute :)

jdiscoj said...

just think there sis, i was lucky enough to get to talk to u while in the middle of u posting this. im honored...........i think. i just think ur tired cuz u have been up by urself all the time tryin to get better at bowling on the Wii so ur little ones dont keep beatin ya. love ya ang

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