Friday, March 6, 2009

Cutie Pie!

Bay was talking to her grandma Jill and Papa Tim. We had taken off the band aid, I bet it hurt! There was a lot of hair on the band aid from her hairline!
She is just so cute! Oh and she was enjoying a cookie as well!


KM said...

I feel so bad!!!!!!!! I can not belive that Bay is taking all the "Tom boy pain" from the hole family, lets hope that this stiches close this chapter in her life because I can not imagine how stress you've been lately. I'm so glad your mom is comming, there is nothing better than the confort of a mother.

reeree said...

I'am so glad that bay is doing well with the stiches on her fourhead she looks pretty every day and even when she is talking on the phone she looks so happy to talk on the phone with her grandparents. Angela i'am glad your mom is coming there to help you out with things and i know i will be there when kenna is going to be baptised she is a lucky girl.

Love Marie

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