Thursday, April 2, 2009


Koko performed in a play tonight! It was called bugz! They were the cutest little bugs you ever will see! She did a great job! She was a firefly. I think there were six or so. They wore all white and had neon green ummmm things tied on their wrists. When their song came on they turned on a black light and dimmed the other lights. It looked so cool! Because the average second grader is about a foot and a half shorter than Koko, I was a little hard to hear her sing. She had a duet on one of the verses! She said it was so hard to bend down to try to sing in the microphone and wave her firefly arms!
So the pictures are pretty crappy! I am so sad! I used Michael's digital camera because it can recorded longer that mine can. Evidently you have to use a tripod with it! If there is any movement at all the picture looks blurry! Bay was totally freaked out by all the people. I was so thankful our dear friends came with us! Good life was able to take over on some pics while I was dealing with my dear sweet little darling angel of a two year old!
I can't even use the "wonderful" video capability of the stinkin camera! My computer won't play them! Real nice. I am sure that it is an operator error and when Michael gets home he will touch one button and the video will magically appear!

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I have a good life said...

They did awesome! :) We were so glad that we got to go see it!

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