Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Angela! 10 Wonderful Years!!!

I would like to take a moment to share with you what makes my wife so special. Maybe even some embarrassing moments...But Hey...After 10 years of marriage to my beautiful Angela it would not be right if I couldn't still make her blush!! What are husbands for?

Angela is a great mother who strives for harmony in our home. She is kind and loving to the point of tears most of the time. She is involved and in control! (Imagine That!) She is a wonderful example to our daughters.

Angela is beautiful. She may call me a hopeless romantic, but that is far from the truth because I have her. She is my best friend and my loving companion. She is my world, my queen, my eternal companion.

Angela is a wonderful friend. If you are so blessed to be considered by her as a friend, you are the luckiest person in the world. She will do anything for you and will very rarely say "No" to anything you ask for or need help with. But on the other hand if you make her mad....WATCH OUT!!!!...Just ask the guy who ran at her in the van with golf clubs in hand!!!

They should name at least 1 hurricane a year after her! (Yes, I am Random Man!) Catch my drift?

Angela has a beautiful smile!

Angela has a ROCKIN' body! Booya....I am a guy!

Angela is very spiritual. She impresses me constantly on how in tune with divine guidance she is. She listens and does the things that she needs to do daily to entice spiritual guidance. She is driven to do what is right.

Before we started dating Angela needed help with her car. She asked if I could help, which of course I could not turn down. After the problem was fixed she looked at me and said, "I will love you forever!" Did she know at that time that I was a car guy?

She has a cute laugh. I can also make goose bumps appear on 1 side of her body at a time while the other side stays unaffected. I have the key!!!

I have to tell you this. On our very first "Official" date we drove to Denver to watch the show STOMP. We had a great time and enjoyed the show. On the way back we were talking and Angela had her feet up on the dash! Suddenly she sneezed....but at the same time something unexpected creeped out with it!!! YES, can you believe that she let one RIP on our first date??!!! I tried to play it off because I didn't want to embarrass her...but I guess now I am spilling the beans! Ha Ha get it?!!

Angela, I Love You. I am grateful that we found each other. I am thankful that you love me back. We have been through a lot together...good times, bad times, scary times, fun times, uncertain times...but it has all been worth every second. I have watched you blossom as a woman, mother, friend, daughter of God, and companion. I am humbled and honored to be the one by your side, holding your hand on this wonderful journey. I can't wait for the next 10 years!!! I LOVE YOU....Michael


The Tall and Short of it said...

I would love to say something right now, but I can't stop cryin!
. . .
Michael, YOU are what has helped me be who I am today! I am just so thankful that Heavenly Father placed us at NJC together. And yes, He probably giggled when I said that I would love you forever. He knew the plan. Good thing we went along with it!
I love you so much and I am so lucky to be your wife!
It feels so good to be so loved!

The Texas Bakers said...

I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever read. Congratulations, you guys.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

that was just just so wonderful and the
thing that makes it really something is it is all true!!! what a tribute to you both!! Love it!! congrats.

Mutt and Karlee Hall said...

Michael- That was the sweetest post, ever! Really it was!!! You do have an amazing wife and I'm blessed to know her! I'm very impressed with your words....thanks for sharing- you really are a romantic, aren't ya??

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

That gave me tears.
You both are lucky to have each other.

nikko said...

Wow. That was beautiful. I feel blessed to call you both friends. Happy Anniversary!

Marci and Matt said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Wow, ten years... matt and I are almost catching up! ok not really. We love you guys and miss you!

reeree said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!wow ten years that good to be together for that many years i miss you both and your family a lot i lobe you both a lot and have fun with each other go out to lunch.

Love ReeRee

Robin said...

Congrats.. and forever to go...

Jay said...

That was just awesome. You guys are great! Congrats!

KM said...

wow I'm impress!!!
That post is really sweet and romantic, who know Witkamp boys could be like that?
It's really funny that you guys were downstairs in our livingroom laughing and giggleing while I was reading your post, how sweet!

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