Saturday, May 2, 2009

One happy little girl!

Ever wonder what happens if you give an eight year old a laptop?

Papa Pete had a small laptop. He had gotten another one from work. When they were here in March, KoKo couldn't stop taking about the cute small laptop! Well, Papa Pete just had to give it to her. She was so excited! I took some other pictures but they were so blurry. She was just that excited. Michael is busy putting "daddy controls" on it! She is most excited about being able to practice her spelling words on her computer. Then Papa said she now had to email her grandmas and grandpas! That just put her over the top! She will soon have her own email address! I think we might check it before she does!
Pete had business meetings in Dallas thurs/fri this week. He offered that he would take care of the girls if Michael and I wanted to have a night alone! With absolutely NO hesitations we went. We stayed in a Marriott by the Grapevine Mills Mall! They went to Monsters vs Aliens. Then had a great date with Papa!!
Thank you so much Pete! We needed that. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family! We know we are so blessed! Koko's teacher mentioned that we see our family more than she sees hers. Our family is mostly in Colorado and Utah with some in Cali. Her family lives about two hours away!
To all of our family, WE LOVE YOU!


I have a good life said...

You do have such wonderful family! How lucky you are. You also have a wonderful are truly blessed.

Tell Koko to email me, too! :)

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I would do the same thing if you gave me a laptop:)

Anne said...

Souhds awesome!!
How nice- yeah for family!!!

reeree said...

i'am excited for koko to have a laptop now she can emil are aunts and uncle too and i'am happy too that you had fun with papa.

love marie

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