Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lou 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lou Lou! I am so grateful for your loving, fun personality!! Thank you for your light you shine in my life!!

These pics are from her party on Saturday. We came up with the idea of making Graham cracker houses. I gave each girl their own bowl of candy a huge amount of thick yummy frosting, a plastic knife and some crackers. It was a little hard for their little hands. Half way through I decided to just have them decorate the crackers like cookies. They LOVED it!
Marcia--this one is for you! =)
I couldn't decide if I should have cake also. The decision was very easy seeing the piles of sugar!!! So I put a candle on top of Mount Peppermint!

Lou opened her presents and then we played a couple of games. Last was Disney Singit. It was so cute!


nikko said...

I can't hardly believe that she is 6! I can remember feeding her a bottle in my rocking chair for kids movie night. :o

The ginger bread houses is such a cute idea for a birthday party! Looks like everyone had fun!

Jay said...

Happy b-day to Lou! Those girls look like they are having a ball!

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