Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random May pics

Here are some awesome buddies!
For Activity Days, a program for girls 8-11 in our church, we had a mother daughter picnic. It was so much fun! We played some cute games then all the girls laid under blankets and the moms had to figure out which legs/feet were their daughters!

More awesome buddies!! This was taken shortly before the Schmidts left...
More awesome buddies!!! ( Man May sure was filled with great friends!!) Anne invited us to go to the zoo with her boys! We had fun, it was HOT but fun!
Here is Mrs. Moore giving Lou a squeeze at the awards ceremony at school.
Mrs. Garcia and Emmie. Emmie is in the dual language program at her school. Mrs. was one of two wonderful teachers she had!!
Here is the other awesome teacher, Mrs. Moore!

On to Kenna's awards ceremony. Ms. Butler handing her the Principal's award!!
Kenna and her teacher Ms. Moreno

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