Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beautiful Mommy and great friends

Well the girls decided to do my makeup! Ain't I beautiful!!!!! By the way, you can't see most of the sparkles. I think I was hit with pixie dust.

Then KoKo did Lou's.
We look like twins!

Here are the girls playing with Good Life's kids. They have so much fun together! J didn't want to get into the tent.

J is my little buddy! Watch out Good Life, I might kidnap him, for a day or so anyway!!
Don't you think it is funny that I go a week with out posting then post three times today!!!! I had the time today! Does this count as journal? I think Too Many to Count was going to get her blog made into a book! I will have to ask her!


Holly said...

You should let them do your make up more often...very sparkly...maybe next time they can doll you up for church...he he

marcia said...

golly your teeth are so beautiful bay could be in good lifes family look at her coloring :)w/ them you are such a fun mommy

Marci & Matt said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!! Tell Koko she did an amazing job, and I want her to do mine now! I need help in that area anyway =) Cute pics!

nikko said...

You're too nice. Probably a good think we don't do make up here. LOL.

How come you weren't wearing all that sparkle to church on Sunday?

I have a good life said...

What a fun makeup moment! So glad you got those beautiful pictures of it.

Thanks for keeping my kiddos for me. They all love your family more than mine! :)

txmommy said...

you are such a fun mom!!

I loved your Houston pictures, it looks like you had so m uch fun :)

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