Monday, July 21, 2008

Our 2 Year Old Dare Devil!!!!

Pause Music below to play video!

Bay Bay is our little toddler dare devil. As you can see from this video...she has no fear. She would jump non-stop into the pool all day long if she could. Not only does she LOVE jumping into the pool but she is constantly climbing onto things and falling...we won't talk about that part of it!! She constantly moves chairs, stools, buckets, dishwasher door, and toys to where she wants to climb. The piano, counter, table, stair ledge (yea, scary thought), beds, and tops of couches have all been conquered by our little mountain climber. We await her conquest of the top of the fridge, roof of the house, and Mt. Everest shortly!!!!!

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marcia said...

Happy happy birthday

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