Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OK so I have to vent! Bay has been acting like such, such, such a TODDLER! She likes to scream when she doesn't get what she wants. Well today at Wal-Mart she didn't want to sit in the cart, she would much rather run all over the store tearing everything off the nice neat shelves. Well I didn't give in. So she screamed, and screamed. . . So this RUDE lady was talking to herself, very loudly cuz I heard her over the screaming, saying she wished that baby would shut up! I was thinking the same thing! After several minutes she started complaining to shoppers. OK so this really pissed me off. So I put on my BIGGEST smile and looked straight at her and asked what she would suggest! Surprisingly she didn't have anything to say! She shook her head and gave me a really nasty look, while I just smiled!
To make matters worse, I hate the LW store. Prices are HIGHER! Milk was .79 more! They didn't have any generic buns. . .
Then I get home and realized that I didn't have my bananas! So the water works started! I really wanted to scream! I probably should have! Now I am venting to my blog. It feels pretty good. My favorite person in the world to vent to isn't home! Darn it!
I think Bay really understands she pushed me past my limits! She is playing with Suki then running over to give me a hug! I have gotten three so far!! And I think this is the longest she has went without screaming! NICE!
Michael will be home soon and maybe I can run away for a little before my mom gets here!


Anne said...

Toddlers are GREAT! augh I bet that was really embarrassing! But good for you about sticking up to the RUDE lady!! Sorry you had a bad day :(

nikko said...

So sorry you had such a frustrating day. P is totally at the tantrum throwing age, too. Ugh.

Yay for confronting the rude lady. I would never have the guts to do that. You are awesome!

txmommy said...

sorry, what a rude anyone wants their kid to run around screaming? Come on.

WM prices make me feel like running around screaming! It's horrilbe.

Rachel said...

I love reading other people's blogs to see that I am not alone with the fits.

There was this one fit haylee threw in target, and there was a family walking past us. There were I think three kids. The dad threw his arm up and said..."stay strong!!" It was wonderful to see that there are some people out there who know that there is NOTHING that you can do when your child wants to be independent.

So here is my STAY STRONG to you... even though it really is NO FUN!

Holly Knackstedt said...

Yesterday, we ventured to the Pottery Barn to make a return (yes I was actually getting money back from that place and not spending it) People who were shopping there looked at me like an alien space ship had just landed and I had brought in the first little martian, because I could just tell they all thought "who would dare be so unsophisticated enough to bring a child into the Pottery Barn" then she started throwing a huge can imagine the looks I got then... at least nobody actually said anything out loud and its a good thing cause at that point I was liable to do something that may have won me a ticket to the women's penetentiary

marcia said...

smiling and cooing non emotionally may appease the people around you but usually not the child

Julia Roberts said...

I am so sorry you had a rough time. Shopping with little ones can be so hard sometimes. You did the right thing. I think it was so great how you handled the situation by confronting the lady. It's not surprising that she didn't have any advice.

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