Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost caught up!

I am really almost caught up with my posting!! I spent a long time tonight looking through my dear friend's blogs. It was so fun! I am so lucky to have such a great support group! I love each and every one of you!! I have a few dear friends who do not blog. I am so glad you suggested I create one!! It is neat!
I so appreciate this new school bedtime!! I have so much more time for myself! I wished I would have done this when they were younger too! They go to bed about 7:30! Bay a little later, but it is still nice!
I have also been able to work a little for the clinic! It feels good to be needed outside of the home too! I get to make a little mad $$ also!
I finally feel, in my life not just my blog, I am getting caught up. I have actually done the dishes every day since Saturday!! Before, I would go, well. . . until we needed them!!!!! Kind of gross but oh well, I can only do better!! I have actually been keeping up on other cleaning in our home! It feels better!
Just one big smile right now!! I can take a breath!


I have a good life said...

Great job, A! You are so amazing to me. Love ya.

nikko said...


I love having everyone in bed at 7:30. It does wonders for my sanity. ;o)

Scott and Rhiannnon Anderson said...

Hey guys! I am so glad you have a blog it's fun to see what you guys are up to! Your girls are so adorable!

Jay said...

Catching up in life is such a great feeling. I love it when a plan comes together.

P.S. Had any cookie dough lately? :)

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