Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy LATE Birthday Michael!!!!!!

My dear hubby was born September 1, 1976. He was born in the LDS hospital in SLC, Utah. Side note, this is where Lou was born. She could have been delivered by the same doctor but he was on vacation! So one of his interns delivered her!! Cool!
I am so thankful for him! He is a wonderful husband! I am so lucky to have him!!!

Here are just a few reasons I love him so much!

Last week he gave me a pedicure with cute nails and a cute little flower on my big toes. He loves me so much. He sticks by me even when I am a grump. He helps clean up the house. He likes to cook, especially Sunday dinner! He is a great cook too! He is interested in my life and my friends. He listens to me, even when I go on and on and on!!! We are sealed for all time and Eternity. He likes going to church. He answers my silly questions! He has a great sense of style! He helps me with my lack of style! His family is important to him. Michael LOVES his family, not just us girls but, his brothers and sisters, parents, grand parents, his in laws, that is you too Jason! and cousins. He is funny!! He is a hard worker. He cares for others.

I am sorry this is late Michael, but I did want to tell you and the entire blogger world how much I love you!


I have a good life said...

Happy Birthday (late) Micheal!

txmommy said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!

Kathy said...

What a sweet post! Sounds like you have a winner! Happy Birthday! You forgot to tell us how old he is!?

The Texas Bakers said...

That is so sweet! Hope he had a great birthday!

John-E-Boi said...

Happy Birthday Witkamp! I think it's been about 10 years or so since I saw you last. I hope you and your Fam are doing well.

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