Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference

Yesterday and today have been so spiritually uplifting! At 11 & 3 (central time) both today and yesterday we got to hear from the General Authorities from our church. We have this opportunity every October and May. I just am thankful that we have help in our time! The subjects range from marriage to prayer to self reliance. So much info. We not only watched it, but DVR-ed it. In Nov. it will come out in print. The music is always so beautiful! Yesterday in the afternoon session they had a children's choir singing all the songs. It was cool. The girls loved it!
I have actually had a really neat spiritual experience this weekend!! Last night I had a very overwhelming thought/feeling about a friend. I was prompted to share my thoughts with this friend. I actually listened, with a little help! It was very hard to do this, but I did. Today one of the talks was on those same exact thoughts I shared with this person!! I knew right then why I needed to tell this person!! I guess the moral of this story is to always follow prompting of the Spirit!! A lot of the time we may not see why we were prompted or the end result, but Heavenly Father has His reasons and His plans. Each one of us is an instrument! Who knows when we can be someones angel like Elder Holland talked about!! Each one of us are needed! We are all special. We need to remember that! So today we can all start fresh. Be happy, and don't worry about the promptings we didn't listen to. If it is a prompting we can still act on, do it! If not, just keep looking forward!!!
I feel as though I need to add this part. Obviously we are not prompted by our Father in Heaven to do things that are bad or wrong! So for those of you whom I do not know or may not know about my religion, please do not go do something wrong and say you were prompted by God to do it!!!!
I am so thankful for all of my people (thank you Meridith and Christina) ; ) who help me be a better person! A person more like our Savior, Jesus Christ! I love all of you!!
Have a Great Day!!!


nikko said...

I loved conference this weekend, too. I'm so glad you had such a good experience. Thanks for coming over Saturday night. I'm sad I didn't get to talk to you more than I did.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

I know it was wonderful as are you (long or short) hair:)

Jay said...

Conference was just great! Your thoughts and you're acting on your prompting inspire me.

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