Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Spirit...Circus Act...Wanna Fight!!!!???

Interesting Title? What you do think it means? Angela told me that I could vent. I shouldn't be so confused about it, I should be used to it, but this experience entered uncharted waters for me. Never before has it happened like I got you hooked??? we look into the life and times of the "Circus Freak" known as Michael, we see an odd occurence......ANYWAY!!!

While shopping on Saturday morning for Angela's last present (I will with-hold where it was in fear of Angela guessing what I got her)I was minding my own business. While looking at some "product" on the shelf, it felt as if someone was standing back to back with me???? For me though, it felt like someone was rubbing up on my BOO-TAY...this due to my rear end being to some peoples shoulder level. After a brief moment of utter confusion, I turned around to see a "SHORT" person trying to stand back to back with me, WITHOUT ASKING, while motioning and "pssssstting" to her husband to look. AS IF I COULDN'T FEEL YOU ALL OVER ME LADY!!!! I must have had the "I smell Poo Poo" look on my face as I said, "Excuse me Mam", because right after I said this, her husband stepped up to me and asked very aggressivley if I had a problem. WHAT HAPPENED TO PERSONAL SPACE????? DUDE!! Due to my confused state of mind, I just stared at the dude. He wanted to fight me because his wife was encrotching on my space. What am I a Circus Freak...hence the title. What is it that brings out the worst in people during this time of the year? I was feeling peaceful and calm, minding my own business. Until at this moment in time when Mini-Me wanted to show how much testosterone he had flowing through his tiny little body. AND I DID NOTHING!!!! So with a raised heart rate and urge to go "Small People Tipping" I walked away and got in line to pay for..............HA HA, you thought I was gonna slip and tell you.....NOT!

What would happen if I went up to someone that was Vertically Challenged and patted them on the head, and said "Oh, aren't you so cute, how short are you???" Doesn't seem right does it? I would hope not!! Maybe I should just keep a tape measure in my pocket and take it out and measure them on the spot to make sure they are short! "Yep, just as I thought, you go to my knee!"

I shouldn't allow something like this to bother me....but for some reason it did! Why? I have weird things happen to me every day I am in public...this was no exception to the rule. Maybe because this Masculine of a Dude took it from good 'Ol fun to personal!


KM said...

wow, you really vent!
I have to admit I could not stop laughing! I let Matt know that you had another interesting experience....

txmommy said...

Meekly done.

Rob U.

I have a good life said...

How funny....and...from your 5'2" friend...I am short. Just in case you were wondering! :)

Marci and Matt said...

For years and years I have always wanted to stand back to back with you... just to see if your toosh could give me a good shoulder rub!!

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