Monday, December 22, 2008


OK, so I am wondering how you would act if people approached you in the same fashion in public with not so nice comments about your hubby's height? Please give me some advice! I would love some new funny lines to say!
I, sometimes just smile, say 6'11" and walk away. I know this may be the more Christlike response, but I have several opportunities each outing to practice. I love to say something funny back to them, but they don't think it is so funny when a question is asked of them! When people comment about his feet, size 16, I don't ask how big their booty is! Sometimes I ask how short they are. When one kid, around 16ish, wanted to take a pic of Michael with his cell, I told him to go check out the Mavs website! The funny part is that he really believed me!
My favorite questions are from cute girls asking him where he gets his clothes because their "boyfriends" are just about the same size and they can't find clothes for them! I just smile my prettiest smile!
It is funny because our girls are noticing and asking why people ask daddy how tall he is ALL OF THE TIME!
For those of you whom have ever asked us how tall he is, don't be worried or nervous! We don't mind as much if you are nice about it! The ones that annoy us the most are those who follow us around the store for 30 min trying to get courage to ask! Or those that come up and interrupt, especially if we are with a sales person or eating!
Swearing, pointing, laughing hysterically, screaming across the store, or not respecting personal space are not ways to behave!


Jay said...

I understand about the staring--B. gets that and it drives her bonkers and us too. She glares. I sometimes stare right back and give them a stern look (but that's mostly with children). But rude adults--they're a tougher bunch to deal with. I wish I had some great lines for you. I guess I try not to pay it any attention, but then we don't have people using our backsides to measure their height!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I understand about the staring--B. gets that too-- wow how interesting that line fits both of us--- often I say kindly "it is really not nice to stare" or "each of us is unique" or "that is my loved one' " 'Are you Normal?' is not my nicest one --- for you --I know I have asked M that myself >>>Yikes and I guess it is good to be able to laugh at oneself and be grateful for who we are as God created--- I might adopt one pat line something like : the top cupboards are no problem for us or we've heard it all he is tall isn't he? and w/ a smile you can almost reply anything you want--- most people are just curious and not well mannered about it-- because the world is not teaching manners in anything much these days are they?--- And most if us are a bit jealous to:) because being Tall seems more successful--

Katy said...

Ok, so any of my suggestions aren't appropriate to post on your blog. But if you want some not so nice respones, just email me. :):):) I feel for Micheal, my nephew is Autistic and paces and grunts and people are outta control rude.

Natalie said...

Luckily Michael is sooo handsome. People are just rude. I say just answer them, they really don't know any better unfortunately. All of us have something people can point and talk about.
By the way, I miss you a lot. You are so beautiful and you have a beautiful family. Happy New Year.
Love n' hugs.

Natalie said...

Just read the post by Michael and I must say people are tooo rude. How nice that he acted in a Christ-like manner by not doing anything. Sorry you guys have to go through all the annoying stuff. You know we all have to go through trials and through fire to prove ourselves. Look at what Christ had to go through.
Love you.

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