Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While in Sterling, we went to this cute little stocked pond. The girls love to fish as do I. I just hate touching the fish! lol . . . I am getting braver and I hope to take the girls fishing here very soon. (I hesitate because there are a lot of catfish here and I will not touch that kinda fish!!) We were getting ready to do because we were not getting any bites. Koko was messing around with her pole, which still had a hook on it, and caught a fish! It totally surprised her! Who would have thought that after spending a whole 15 minutes "fishing" with bait on our hooks she would catch one without bait?? I think it was a sunfish and I think they are a little spike. She had a little help, from Grandpa Tim, taking that little guy off but she did it!
By the way, the definition of fishing in my book is casting out a couple of times, act a little patient, then when nothing is quickly caught, go home!! The girls and I are on the same page when it comes to "fishing"!!

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