Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It has been a long time since our last post!! WOW!
I have cute random things people around me have said!

Bay says 'huge much' but really means whole bunch!

me: "Mathew, are you diggin for gold?"
Mathew: "NO, boogers!"

When I asked Bay who my friends are, she said a few names then said Young Women's. lol in that specific case YW meant Julia & Jennifer. Sometimes it means mutual other times it means the girls. Can I just say that I love my calling!!!

When watching TLC "A baby story" (btw I have not watched much TV lately and when I catch a glimpse, its usually iCarly or some Disney Princess movie! I was cleaning my room/bathroom and wanted some background noise and the girls were in their toy room! ) I noticed Lou is in the room really, really watching! She said, "it's coming out in a different spot" I asked her where she thought it, the baby, came out of. She said her belly button. Trying to hold it together I simply said maybe her belly button is really low. hahaha

Mathew: "My grandma is ....different." It was so freaking funny! He did a sort of flick of the wrist when he said different! I think he was sayin that she was a different grandma, not Bay's grandma.

there were so many more. I just can't think of them right now. Oh well, I'll add more later.

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