Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy, happy birthday Kenna dear!

Our first born is 9 today! This pic was taken around 7am! (notice how we are all dressed and ready to go?) ugggggg! I really enjoyed last week! Anyway, look how beautiful they are! =) I can't believe it was nine years ago we were in the hospital in Silver City NM!

I love Kenna for the following reasons:
  • she's beautiful
  • smart, very smart
  • kind
  • selfless
  • loving
  • wise
  • full of faith
  • looks for good in others
  • intuitive
  • self confident
  • great at jump roping
  • loves the outdoors
  • loves to read
  • is understanding
  • loves her family
  • is a great student
  • tall
  • silly
  • is patient with me
  • has a beautiful smile
  • she's a wonderful big sister
  • she's VERY compassionate
  • always thinking of others
  • a little shy

I love you Kenna!!!!! Glad you had a great birthday!!!!!


I have a good life said...

We love Kenna so much, too! Happy Birthday again! We are sooooooo lucky to have had her as our friend...almost a cousin or a sister....for so long! We love you, Kenna!

nikko said...

Kenna is 9? Holy smokes, when did that happen?? ;o)

Hope you had a great day, Kenna! We are so happy to know you!

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