Sunday, April 25, 2010

so I won't forget

I decided to do a cute hair style. It took WAY too long! I only did this once!

One minute the two of them looked just like this, the next minute they wanted to strangle each other!

Hey blue eyes!Oh our little Bay Bay. One day we were shopping at Albertsons and Bay saw a "baby" she was probably three also just smaller. Bay mentioned how messy her hair was. It was pretty messy, she probably just woke up from a nap. Well, one Wednesday night while the girls and daddy were sitting around the table working on Kenna's PACE research project Baylee decided to cut her hair. In the morning they informed me of the cut. I asked Bay where she cut her hair. She showed me the side. It was cute tapered, didn't look bad. I thought we were in the clear but NO. I was in the bathroom and noticed a big chunk of hair in the trash. I wondered how there was that much hair from the side!! Then I was brushing her hair and saw where the chunk came from!!!! Right in the middle! I asked her why she cut it and she, with the same look of disgust I saw in Albertsons, she said cuz it messy mama. She really thought it looked cute now. It is growing and looking more not so cute. Oh well, there isn't much I can do...

Bay LOVES this book, can you tell?

I love this pic! Two super cute girlies!

Elder Josie, Sam, and the girls! They really got close to him!! He is missed!

They also got really close to Elder Priest! We miss him as well!

Emmie was jump roping and landed on her face. OUCH!!!
Tracy suggested I start taking pictures of Bay's interesting outfits. This one isn't bad!
This was taken in mid March. It wasn't cold. She loves these boots! I just don't want to fight the fight. I NEVER win! I will keep posting the interesting outfits! Oh and she almost always has skirts with leggings!


I have a good life said...

I love the picts! What a great way to remember! :) I love your girls and I love you! :)

nikko said...

Ang, your girls are so beautiful. I can't believe how grown up Kenna is now. My mom used to do that same "do" on us when we were little. Owie on the face plant!

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